How With WOW: behind the wheel

Part of a series, we bring you a short tutorial video on the correct seat position behind the wheel with Volkswagen’s new T-Cross.

We love the open road. Nothing beats the smell of summer, a good soundtrack and a great car that’s easy to drive – like the new Volkswagen T-Cross. How often have you thought about your driving position? You know, as you make vrrr-pha noises (we all do it) while carving up the tarmac. Your driving position affects whether or not you’re in control of the wheel, especially in an emergency. And it’s something we’d like you to consider the next time you get behind the wheel.

Based on the advanced safe-driving principles, the ideal driving position is this: feet touching the pedals with a slightly bent knee (please don’t drive in heels or flip-flops). Make sure your wrists can rest on the steering wheel, with your shoulders flat against the backrest of the seat. This is the position that is taught in advanced driving courses for optimal car control. And it’s so easy. Yes, it doesn’t look good in photos, but we assure you it’ll make you a better driver.

The T-Cross is 10cm higher than the Polo, providing good visibility to the driver and passengers. While the interior will make you feel like you’re in a much larger SUV, the exterior measures only 4,2 metres in length – quite small for this segment. We love how the raised ride height gives us better visibility to see the traffic ahead of us (and the learner driver who has stalled!), and we can react accordingly. Both driver and passenger seats are height-adjustable and have customisable lumbar support – that little lever ensures your back doesn’t get stiff after many hours of driving. The multifunction steering wheel is tilt- and telescopic-adjustable (up, down, forward and back) so you don’t have to feel like you’re sitting ‘on top’ of the steering wheel. You can sit a little further back and relax while driving. Ensure your seat is high enough to see over the steering wheel and nose of the car, as well as the road ahead.

Exterior mirrors are electrically adjustable for a better blind-spot view of cars driving next to you (and should not be used to touch up your makeup!). We want you to be safe when you’re driving. And always remember that the law in South Africa requires all occupants of a vehicle to wear a safety belt. Seatbelt on, music up and you’re ready to go!

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