Things to know before buying a scooter

Scooting around might just be right up your alley…

We see more and more people scooting around on scooters due to today’s fuel price. It can be an easy and economical way to get around for the fab city goer. There are loads of new and used scooters to choose from, and most of them are very trendy. Here are some tips if you’re thinking of getting yourself a scooter:

– To ride a scooter you need a motorcycle learner’s license. Remember that with a learner’s license, you can only ride scooters of 125cc and under. Your learner’s is valid for 2 years.

– Nowadays, the scooter designs are more girl-friendly, the automatic gear-change system makes it easy to drive and the selection of stylish helmets means you don’t have to look like a geek in those old-fashioned bulky helmets.

– Scooters are much easier to ride than motorbikes, but they’re also slower and don’t have the kind of brakes fitted on motorcycles.

– Scooters generally don’t have very long lifespans. Bear this in mind if you’re shopping for a second-hand scooter. What would seem like low mileage on a car is high mileage for a scooter.

-Whatever your scooter budget, put aside about a grand for a decent helmet. You may not want to use a full face helmet on a scooter, but make sure your helmet does have a visor that you can pull down to protect your eyes. In windy situations, sunglasses won’t be sufficient. Also remember you NEED a helmet that fits you. This is for your own safety.

– It might be wise to hire first, and see if the scooter-lifestyle suits you.

– Check that the storage space under the seat will be large enough to put your helmet in. Nobody wants to lug a helmet around a shopping centre.

– If you’re buying a new scooter, look online for special offers. Some dealers may offer seasonal discounts of R1000 or more on certain models.

– If you buy a new scooter, find out about the warranty or service plan. Most reputable brands offer a two-year warranty. Scooters need to be serviced about every 3000 kms or so.

– If you’re buying second hand, find out if the scooter is still under warranty and if the warranty can be transferred into your name. Check the service history – just like a car, a scooter comes with a service booklet that should be kept up to date.