Do you know what musical roads are?

Do you know what musical roads are?

Musical roads are found in various nooks around the world and make for an epic road trip experience.

By utilising a car’s acoustic properties as well as some ingenious engineering, a musical road provides a melodic tune to drivers on long haul trips. The technology behind these creations is very interesting and simple. By using vibrations created by a car or truck, musical roads create a sound.

Grooves are carved into the road surface and depending on how far the strips are away from each other, this will alter the pitch of the sound. The further the strips are, the lower the pitch will be. The closer together they are, the higher the pitch.

Musical roads can also be created on raised roads too. The effect is a bit shaky, however. The first musical road with this style was created in Gylling, Denmark according to Inside Hook.

To keep the road in tune, engineers carve individual grooves, the same way a record spinning discs must stick to 33 1/3, 45, or 78 rpm limits.

Drivers need to smack the grooves head on to get the full volume effect and to not miss out on any notes that may have crumbled over time. Windows need to be rolled up to enjoy the full song of the musical road. This is done because the vibrations and music are relayed through the chassis of the car.

The techniques required for musical roads need to be executed perfectly.

Take a look and listen to a musical road in Japan.


Picture: Unsplash