Watch this fully grown tiger roam the streets of Pretoria


It’s not every day that we see a tiger roaming the streets but the next time a foreigner asks if we have wild animals walking around town, you won’t be lying if you answer ‘yes’.

Two weeks ago (12 August 2016) a fully grown Siberian tiger was spotted by shocked Pretoria residents while it was roaming near a fence of The Meadows estate.

According to JacarandaFM, the owner of the tiger hadn’t realised that his tiger was missing until pictures started showing up on social media.

It’s not yet certain how the tiger managed to escape its enclosure but it has been captured and returned to its owner.

“I did not realise that my tiger was outside. I only became aware of this when photos of my wandering cat was put on Facebook,” said Pedro Michaletos.

We’ll add this to our list of animal encounters on SA’s roads.

Source: Youtube and JacarandaFM