John Travolta's daughter practices parallel parking

Ellen DeGeneres offers her car to John Travolta’s daughter to practice her parallel parking.

John Travolta’s daughter, who featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show with her mom and dad, got some unexpected parallel parking practice during the show.

16 year old, Ella Travolta first appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show when she was 9 years old and now she’s back and learning to drive!

Although she only has her driving permit she’ll be able to get her official driver’s licence in May, however according to her dad, she still needs to learn to parallel park.

“She’s very good at it. She’s never parallel parked before but other than that she’s very good. We’ll have to learnt that for the test”, said John Travolta.

Ellen then suggests  a little practice session for Ella and offers to use her car…

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Video via Youtube