This custom Lancer Evolution X is so black it plays ticks on your mind

This custom Lancer Evolution X is so black it plays ticks on your mind

The process of ‘blacking out’ a vehicle has been a long-running tradition in car culture. It involves either removing or painting all of the chrome details, logos, emblems, wheels, and windows of the vehicle black to give it a sinister look.

The folks over at the DipYourCar YouTube channel have decided to take blacking out a vehicle to the next level with their latest creation, a custom Lancer Evolution X that at first glance, looks like nothing more than a silhouette.

To create the ultra-black Evolution X,  DripYourCar first applied a coat of Plastidip to the vehicle before applying the secret ingredient, a water-based acrylic paint called Musou Black.

According to Koyo Orient Japan, the company that makes Musou Black, regular acrylic paint is able to absorb around 94 and 98% light. Musou Black, on the other hand, is able to absorb as much as 99.4% light.

Take a look at what a small difference can make:

Fonzie, the owner of DipYourCar described the vehicle as if it photoshopped in real life, and it’s clear to see why. Essentially, the visible part of the car is the gleam of the wheels, the windows, and lights, while the body of the vehicle looks like nothing more than an ominous Lancer shaped shadow.

The blacked-out Evolution X is an experiment that should not be tried at home though.  Driving around at night in a car that absorbs 99.4% of the light is an accident waiting to happen. Couple that with the fact that Koyo Orient Japan advertises Musou Black for use on smaller items like figurines and sculptures, not entire family-sized vehicles, you’re better off spending your time and money on other, much safer projects.

Picture: Screenshot from video