6 essential car accessories to make driving a breeze

There are a number of simple car accessories that can make a world of difference to your driving experience.

Over time several of these features have been adopted by car manufacturers and now come standard with new model vehicles, some examples that spring to mind are Bluetooth connectivity – for listening to music or hands-free communication – as well as the conversion of the traditional car lighter into an auxiliary power outlet that can be used to power a host of electronic devices.

Below are a few accessories we believe will make your driving experience a breeze:

Phone holder

Unfortunately, many people make use of their phones while driving, which leads to distracted driving.

If you use your phone for GPS navigation or music while driving your vehicle, we recommend you invest in a phone holder.

There are several types of phone holders that can be attached to your vehicle’s windscreen, dashboard or air vents in a non-intrusive position. This will enable you to glean the information you need while keeping your hands firmly planted on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road.

Parking sensors

Parking assistance is all the rage, and while many newer cars come standard with this feature – some even have rearview cameras, to boot – your older car can be retrofitted with this feature.

These proximity sensors detect any objects or obstacles near the car while trying to park and alerts the driver if there are any.

They are generally fitted at the rear of the vehicle and use electromagnetic sensors to detect low walls and small children, which may not necessarily be visible in the vehicle’s mirrors.

It results in increased safety for your vehicle, passengers and pedestrians.

Parking sensor kits can usually be purchased from most aftermarket part sellers.

Portable tyre inflator

A portable tyre pump can save you from being stranded with a flat tyre and forking out hundreds of rands on a tow truck.

It is capable of re-inflating a punctured tyre in about 10-15 minutes and is powered by your vehicle’s power outlet.

It is an essential accessory, especially if you drive through remote areas frequently.

Jumper cables

Jumper cables are another essential item. If you drive a car you will need to use them eventually.

Jumper cables are used to restart a car’s dead battery, which often happens when the vehicle’s light are left on accidentally or the radio isn’t turned off.

The jumper cable connects your car to another car’s battery via the cable. This ‘jump’ in power will start your car in no time at all, unless you have a serious battery problem. Remember to leave your car running for a while after it has been jumped to allow the alternator to charge properly.


Dashboard cameras record the actions of your vehicle, they are usually automatically activated when the car’s engine turns on.

Dashcams can be beneficial in terms of insurance claims, as it captures concrete evidence of any accident you may be involved in.

The footage, which is usually stored on a memory card, has also been useful in apprehending criminals for various car-related offences.

Picture: Unsplash