How With WOW: Park Assist

Part of a series, we bring you a short tutorial video on Park Assist in Volkswagen’s new T-Cross

A tricky parking bay is enough to make most people drive off in search of an easier option. Trying to get into a tricky parking bay in front of a crowd? Well, you need to be a really confident parker to pull it off. But you no longer have to worry – the T-Cross is standard with Front and Rear Park Distance Control (from Comfortline upwards), and with the optional Park Assist, you never have to fear dreadful parking bays again.

With Park Assist, it is like having your own personal parking attendant. By pushing the park-assist button, the T-Cross can manoeuvre itself into the tightest of spots – a handy feature if you’re a nervous driver or your view is partially obstructed.

To parallel park the T-Cross in a parking lot, indicate which side you will be parking, select the Park Assist button, and arrows on the Active Info Display show up on the screen to guide you to slowly drive forward or put the vehicle into reverse once the bay has been selected by sensors.

These sensors on the vehicle will scan to see whether the space is big enough. Let go of the steering wheel and the Park Assist will show you its intended reverse path on your infotainment screen and it will steer automatically.

Always check your surroundings. Even though you do not have to steer, you’re still in full control of the T-Cross with the brake, which will modulate speed. The driver is responsible for the vehicle. You are able to deactivate the system immediately by taking over the steering wheel or braking to a complete standstill.

Parking in the T-Cross is so easy – and you can claim the kudos for parking like a pro!

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