How to plan a road trip during a pandemic

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Things have changed a lot over the last year, but our wanderlust has not. If you’re planning to hit the road to get away from it all, you have to do it right. The safety of you and your loved ones is the most important thing, so take some extra time to do your planning carefully.

Here are key things to keep in mind when planning your next adventure.

Make sure your car is ready for the open road

First things first. If your car is not in top shape, you won’t get very far. Make sure it has been for its service at the scheduled time, and take it for one if it has not. Closely inspect your tyres to make sure there is a sufficient amount of tread remaining.

Also remember to check the oil, water, battery and have a spare tyre ready.

Plan your stops with COVID-19 in mind

Though going with the flow and stopping or staying wherever you find yourself might sound spontaneous and adventurous, it’s best to plan in the current climate. If you plan to eat at restaurants along the way, make sure they are COVID-19 compliant and have outdoor seating. The same goes for accommodation. Look up the safety regulations the hotel or lodge has implemented, so you know you will be safe.

Remember the essentials

In all the excitement of packing your swimwear and flip-flops, don’t forget the essential items. This includes enough sanitiser and masks (make sure to wash them regularly along the way), as well as other emergency items like a space blanket and basic first aid kit.

Other things you won’t want to forget on your epic trip is a camera, a cell phone power bank and enough water.

Picture: Unsplash