This mini bus was converted into the perfect mobile home

This mini bus was converted into the perfect mobile home

The idea behind ‘van life’ revolves around living off the grid in a vehicle of some kind for an extended amount of time. The term has been around for quite some time but has only entered the mainstream in the last few years, with the COVID-19 pandemic playing a huge role in its increase in popularity.

Those who choose to live the van life often do so in a specially designed camper van or in a regular van that has been converted into a mobile living space. Now, it looks like a man from the US has taken van life to a whole new level with his latest creation, a mini school bus that has been converted into the ultimate living quarters.

While you might think a conversion of this magnitude could take months to complete but, Brian, the man behind the creation, named ‘mini skoolie’, only needed two weeks to complete the job.

Mini Skoolie has been designed to function as a proper mobile home, which is crucial seeing as Brian lives and travels in it full time. Up in the front Mini Skoolie remains relatively unchanged, aside from being a storage area for Brain’s shoes any other miscellaneous items.

As you would imagine, the back of the bus is a completely different story. Instead of the regular rows of seats you normally expect to find when boarding a bus, Mini Skoolie features living quarters with a double bed, a composting toilet, and of course a kitchen. This isn’t your everyday run-of-the-mill campervan kitchen though. It features a working sink, fridge, gas stove, running water, and more than enough storage for all his ingredients.

Best of all, because Brian decided to repurpose a number of items Mini Skoolie, like using the emergency exit hatch of the bus as a moonroof, the project didn’t cost him an arm and a leg to complete. In total, the full price of the conversion cost him around R193,000 ($13,000). Seeing as a much smaller pre-built camper van or RV can set you back between R300,000 and R600,000, the larger Mini Skoolie is an absolute bargain.

Take a tour of the Mini Skoolie below:

Picture: Screenshot from video