New 2021 Maserati MC20 put to the test on snow

Maserati MC20 put to the test on snow

The Maserati MC20 unleashed its power for the first time on snow.

The super sports car is currently undergoing a series of tests to see how reliable the model is on-road and on the track in different driving conditions.

This also includes cold weather trials on snow-covered roads of the Valtellina and at the Ghiacciodromo Livigno, which is Italy’s most popular snow and ice circuit.

During the cold weather trial, the Maserati Mc20 was tested to evaluate its engine cold start, low temperature performance and how the vehicle handles on cold and low-grip surfaces.

The test is also to determine the correct functioning of the Climate Control System in cold conditions, while tests for battery, suspension and brakes were also done.

So far, the extreme conditions are no competition for the Maserati MC20.

Picture: Motorpress