New ride-sharing app works for parents, by parents

New d6 Connect carpool platform for your kids

One of the primary jobs of a parent is to ensure their child is safe at all times. But many parents cannot always leave work in time to fetch their kids from school. So what is the solution to this problem?

Parents, did you know there is a new service called d6 Connect?

It is a ride-sharing service by parents for parents. Still not won over? Read more about it here.

This app can only be accessed by parents who are on it for when the day comes when they are unable to fetch their own children from school. If your car is stuck, a meeting ran late or you simply do not have access to a vehicle, the d6 Connect app is for you.

Here is how it works: 

Once you download the app and log in, you will be able to connect with other parents in your community. If one day you find yourself stranded at work or whatever the case is on this day, connect with parents who are already in the area where your child is.

The trips will include getting to school and being fetched from school, and after school activities if need be.

The d6 Connect app is designed to make school-parent communication easier. This new app hopes to be a safer way for your kids to travel to and from school instead of making use of public transport or e-hailing services where the drivers are strangers.

You are able to offer trips to other parents and book trip dates in advance for the days you cannot collect your child yourself.

Only those registered to the d6 Connect school community will have access to this app.

Picture: Pexels